Biology Classroom Polices


                                  CLASSROOM POLICIES




                                                                             MRS. MAYHEW

                                                                             GENERAL BIOLOGY I

                                                                             ROOM H211


            1. Text: BIOLOGY (Pearson)

            2. Three-ring binder

3. Loose leaf paper or notebook

            4. Pencil or pen (black or blue)

            5. Colored pencils



1. Students will be assigned seats alphabetically.   Exceptions will be made for anyone having difficulty seeing the overhead screen. I reserve the right to move any student at any time based on his/her behavior in class.



            1. Conduct yourself in a manner that is courteous and respectful at all times.

2. During a lab, students will conduct themselves in a mature manner.  Whether we do labs or not will be determined by the behavior of the class.

3. If you are late to class for any reason, you MUST HAVE A PASS.  It is your responsibility to obtain a pass from a teacher or a hall sweep pass.

4. Bathroom stops should be made during the student's passing time.  If you have an absolute emergency, you will be allowed THREE bathroom/locker passes for the whole semester.  Do NOT interrupt my class to ask to go to the bathroom or to your locker.  I will NOT let you!!!  Any unused bathroom passes can be turned in for extra credit at the end of each nine weeks.

5. NO FOOD, GUM OR CANDY is allowed in class.  You are allowed to have something to drink as long as it is in a container with a twist top.




1. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date.  The following policy will be implemented for past due assignments.

        1st late assignment: call or email home, assignment must be turned in the following day (not the next class period) for full credit

        2nd late assignment: call or email home, 30 min. SRT detention, assignment due during SRT for full credit

        3rd late assignment: call or email home, 30 min. SRT detention, assignment due during detention for full credit AND referral to the dept. chair

        4th late assignment: call or email home, 30 min. SRT detention, assignment due during detention for half credit, AND referral to the counselor.

        5th late assignment: call or email home, discipline referral, half credit for the assignment.

        6 or more late assignments: call or email home, discipline referral, no credit for the assignment.

2. If you are absent on the due date, it is your responsibility to hand the assignment in the next day you are in class. If you forget or do not have the assignment then it is a 0% in the gradebook.

3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to pick up any make-up assignments from the proper make-up folder by the front door.  If you are absent only ONE day, your homework is still due on the original due date.  (Example: If you are absent on a blue day, then you must pick up your homework on the following gold day and the homework will be due on the next blue day). Check my website ( regularly to keep yourself up-to-date.

4. If you are absent for two or more days, your homework is due the next class period. (There are exceptions for extended illness.)

5. It is your responsibility to find someone in class you can depend on to copy the notes you missed or to copy them from my website when you are absent. You will be held responsible for these notes in your notebook.

6. If you miss a test or lab due to an absence, you will be expected to make it up the following SRT or the next time you are in class. (There are exceptions for extended illness).

7. Every student is responsible for keeping a notebook of all of the papers and notes that are given in class.  This notebook will be collected and graded once every nine weeks.

8. Grades are weighted using the following categories:

Tests 55%

Quizzes 10%

Labs/Projects 20%

Homework 10%

Participation 5%                                

                        A = 100-93                              C  = 76-73

                        A- = 92-90                              C- = 72-70

                        B+ = 89-87                              D+ = 69-67

                        B = 86-83                                D = 66-63

                        B- = 82-80                              D- = 62-60

                        C+ = 79-77                             F = below 60

            9. Your final exam will be worth 20% of your final semester grade.

10. If you need extra help, arrange to come in during SRT or before or after school to meet with me.  I am always willing to help as much as I can.

11. I donít participate in skip-a-final.









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