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Taking Cornell Notes

Purpose of Good note Taking Skills:

·        Helps students to problem solve

·        Helps students to organize and process data and information

·        Helps students recall by getting them to process their notes at least three times.

·        Writing is a great tool for learning.


·        Take notes regularly in class.

·        Go back and read your notes and write down questions in the left hand column. Even if you understand the material you need to develop questions that could pose as possible test questions.

·        Question should consist of all six levels of learning in Bloom’s Taxonomy. You must have at least three questions per page of notes.

·        Write a summary across the bottom of the last page of the day’s notes.





General Biology Notes:

How to take Cornell notes


I will give you words and you will __________________________ (Fill in the blank.



Bloom’s Taxonomy:

1.      Knowledge: recalling information (EX. Know vocabulary.)

2.      Comprehension: understanding meaning (EX. Be able to use terms in a sentence.)

3.      Application: using learning in new situations (EX. Give examples used in class and new examples not used in class.)

4.      Analysis: ability to see parts and relationships. (EX. Compare and contrast)

5.      Synthesis: use parts to create a new whole. (EX making predictions and designing experiments.)

6.      Evaluation: judgment based on criteria (EX.  Forming conclusions, finding evidence, making distinctions, justifying ideas, telling the function.)