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Paper model of DNA

Copies of RNA nucleotides


Glue or tape

One piece of construction paper



1. Take a large piece of construction paper and fold it in thirds “hamburger” style. Open the piece of construction paper and fold over the right-hand side only.


2. Cut your model of DNA in half as if enzymes were “unzipping” the molecules by breaking the hydrogen bonds between the base pairs.


3. Tape or glue the LEFT side of the DNA molecule to the construction paper close to the flap but don’t cover the flap. Tape or glue the RIGHT side of the DNA molecule to the folded part (the flap) of the construction paper. Make sure that the nitrogen bases match up for the two sides of the DNA molecule.


5. Cut out the four RNA nucleotides that are complementary to the left side of the original DNA molecule.


6. Match the complementary nucleotides to the left-sided template (HINT: they fit like the pieces of a puzzle) to make a new molecule of RNA.  Tape or glue the nucleotides to the construction paper UNDER the flap.



















  1. What is this a picture of?



2. Label the three parts of the picture above.


3. What is the name of the sugar in RNA?



4. Which base is replaced by uracil in RNA?



5. How many strands of nucleotides are in the original molecule of DNA?




6. How many strands of nucleotides are made during transcription?




7. What happens to the original DNA molecule after transcription is over?




8. What is the function of the mRNA molecule?




9. Why doesn’t DNA carry the message for making proteins to the ribosomes itself?