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Protein Structure

Today you will use clay to illustrate the complex structure of proteins. Once finished, you will not be able to keep your creation so it is important that you are focusing on the lab rather than socializing today. Follow the steps and be careful not to mix the colors so they can be re-used – meaning don’t squish them together, just press lightly. You & your table-mates should all have different looking proteins. Points will be lost if you do not follow ALL instructions.

1.       Choose 2 colors of clay. Roll each of them out into a strand about 40 cm long and 0.5-0.75 cm in diameter.

2.       Place them next to each other and sketch. This is a level 1 protein, or primary.

3.       Take both colors and twist them together and sketch. Again, be careful not to squish them together – you should be able to pull them back apart later. This is a level 2 protein, or secondary.

4.       Fold your chain around into a 3-dimensional shape.  Use toothpicks to help it maintain shape. Sketch. This is a level 3 protein, or tertiary.

5.       Repeat steps 1 -3 but choose 2 different colors. You do not have to sketch these.

6.       Fold the new chain around in the old chain, interlocking them and creating a more complicated 3-dimensional shape. Sketch this level 4, or quaternary, protein.

7.       Call me over to approve your protein.

8.       Choose another table-mate’s protein to sketch. Be sure to write the designer’s name.

Clean up:

SEPARATE the colors of clay and put them back with the supply.

Wash & dry your table using the cleaner.