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General Biology

Activity: The Flipnob Family Pedigree


This is the story of Great Grandma and Grandpa Flipnob and their clan!  Great Granny was born in England in 1896.  She met Gramps (born in Italy1894) on board the Titanic on route to New York City in 1912.  That’s right, both of them survived!  Gramps disguised himself as a woman to get a raft.  These star crossed lovers tied the knot in 1914.  Their union gave rise to five children: Ester (1915), Elroy (1917), Dora (1919), Warren (1920), and little Clyde (1924).  Tragically, Dora and Warren were killed in a dreadful accident with a Model T in 1928.  The Model T was totaled.


Already stung from their loss, the Great Depression was a difficult time for the Flipnobs.  Elroy ran into some trouble with the mob.  He still owes the Godfather some favors.  On a brighter note, Ester fell in love and married Joseph in 1936.  From their marriage came two bundles of joy, Jon (1938) and Sonny (1940).  It took Clyde a bit longer to find his soul mate, but he did just before the entrance of the U.S. into WWII.  He met Bonnie at the local market after “accidentally” running her over with a shopping cart.  A broken ankle and a marriage license was the result of this encounter.  Soon after the birth of their daughter Lucy (1940), Clyde was sent to Europe to fight in the war.  Elroy also fought in the war, a welcome escape from his troubles with the mob.  He had a long string of girlfriends, but never settled down and married. 


The 1950’s and 1960’s were a prosperous time for the Flipnobs.  Ester, Clyde, and Elroy invested in banana seat bikes with much success.  However, Clyde made some underhanded attempts to slight his siblings from some of the money.  He was caught red-handed and disowned by the Flipnob family.  Banished from their hometown, Clyde, Bonnie, and Lucy moved out to California.  Jon met his bride to be Lydia the year the country was mourning the loss of JFK.  It was love at first sight.  They had three children, Felicity (1965), James (1967), and Leslie (1969).  Sonny set off to California to become an actor.  Here he ran into his long lost cousin Lucy.  Despite the disapproval of their family, they fled to Mexico and were married.  The family has not heard from them since.



Teacher Initials: ___________





Part I: Sex-linked Trait Pedigree


Bald male: ______________

Normal male: ____________

Bald female: _____________

Carrier female: ___________

Normal female: ___________

Normal female of unknown genotype: __________




Part II:  Autosomal Pedigree



Person with Hawkinsinuria: _________________

Normal person: __________ or _________

Person with a normal phenotype but unknown genotype: _________









Analysis Questions:



  1.  How many generations are shown on your pedigree? _______________


  1.  How many males are present in the second generation? _____________


  1. What is the relationship between Sonny and Lucy? 



  1.  If you did not know baldness was a sex-linked trait, how could you determine it was by looking at this pedigree?




  1. If Lucy and Sonny were to have children, what would be the genotypic and phenotypic ratios of their probable offspring for baldness?  Complete the Punnett Square below.









Genotypic Ratio: _________________________________________________


Phenotypic Ratio: _________________________________________________


  1. Could Sonny pass his gene for baldness onto his sons?  Why or why not?



  1. Explain the method you went through for determining Lucy’s genotype for Hawkinsinuria. 





  1. Which individuals can a genotype not be determined for Hawkinsinuria?  Explain why they cannot be determined.




  1. Look at the number of affected males and females.  How do they compare?  How is this different from the sex-linked trait baldness?