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The diagrams below show the stages of the cell cycle. Place the name of each stage in the box above the stage and fill in the missing labels.

Text Box: 8.
Text Box: 9.
Text Box: 10.
Text Box: 11.
Text Box: 7.
Text Box: 6.
Text Box: 1.
Text Box: 5.
Text Box: 4.
Text Box: A.      
Text Box: C.
Text Box: B.


Text Box: 3.


Text Box: 2.


Text Box: E.

Text Box: G.


Text Box: F.


Text Box: D.




1.      What is stage A called?


2.      What are the three parts of interphase and what happens during each?


3.      Name the four stages of mitosis in order.


4.      What happens during prophase/prometaphase? (name four different things)



5.      Why are the chromosomes visible during mitosis but not during interphase?


6.      Which diagram above represents metaphase?___________

7.      How can you recognize metaphase?


8.      Which diagram above represents anaphase?___________

9.      How can you recognize anaphase?


10.  What is the center of the cell called during metaphase and anaphase?



11.  Telophase is almost the opposite of which phase?


12.  What happens during telophase? (name three different things)



13.  What is cytokinesis?


14.  How is plant cell cytokinesis different from animal cell cytokinesis?



15.  If an original parent cell has 40 chromosomes before mitosis, how many chromosomes will each daughter cell have at the end of mitosis?