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Laboratory Drawings

Laboratory drawings can be made using several methods, depending on a particular laboratory investigation. Some drawings are made in circles that represent the viewing field of a microscope or another type of magnifier. When completing these drawings, be sure to include the magnification at which you viewed the object. Other laboratory drawings are representative of entire organisms or parts of organisms. These drawings show the relative size, shape and location of anatomical structures. When completing representative drawings, make the structures clear and as accurate as possible.

Most laboratory drawings are labeled. Use the following guidelines to help make your laboratory drawings clear and legible.

       Always used colored pencils to draw the laboratory drawing.

       Use a ruler to draw label lines.

       Label lines should point to the center of the structure being labeled.

       Do not write ON the label line.

       Print all labels horizontally.

       Label the right-hand side of the drawing, if possible.

       Do not cross label lines.

       Do not draw label lines to a list of words.







EXERCISE: The following laboratory drawing was completed without using the guidelines for laboratory drawings. Circle those parts of the drawing that do not follow the guidelines. Then, in the spaces provided, explain how these parts of the drawing should be done properly.

Label the following: Cell wall, cytoplasm, nuclear membrane, nucleus,



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