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Energy and Life

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

After it is labeled the diagram below will illustrate photosynthesis. Write each of the following terms on the correct numbered line. Then answer the questions that follow.

5. a. In photosynthesis, what comes in from the outside?


b. What are the end products of the process?


6. Write the overall equation for photosynthesis in the space below.


Answer the following questions relating to cellular respiration.

7. The purpose of cellular respiration is to store the energy of chemical bonds of glucose in molecules of _______________.

8. Complete the formula that shows the release of energy by a molecule of ATP.

            ATP ______________  + ________________ + energy

9. Color the boxes in the concept map below. Use one color for the boxes that show glycolysis. Then use different colors for (a) the path taken during fermentation and (b) the path taken during cellular respiration.

10. Place a star under each of the boxes that show stored energy (ATP).

11. a. In the process of cellular respiration, what substances come in from the outside?


b. What are the end products of the process?


12. Write the overall equation for cellular respiration in the space below.


13. Compare the equation for cellular respiration with the equation for photosynthesis.

Fill in the chart with the appropriate information.


Cellular Respiration


1.      Definition




2.      Is energy stored or released?




3.      What organisms do this process?




4.      When does it occur?




5.      Where in the cells does it occur?




6.      What are the products?




7.      What are the reactants?




8.      Are chemical bonds broken or formed?




Complete the flowchart below:








Text Box:  
Text Box: Cellular Respiration





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