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“What Darwin Never Saw” Video Note Guide

1.      What is so special about the animal of the Galapagos?


2.      What animal holds the secret of the origin of life? Why?



3.      What would be disastrous to the finches and to the Grant’s scientific study?


4.      Why don’t the finches have a fear for humans?



5.      There are thirteen species of finches. Name three characteristics.





6.      None of the 13 different species of Darwin’s finches eat the same vegetation. What has this caused to happen to the finches?


7.      Name three examples of differences in Darwin’s finches:


a.       Finches of Daphne:


b.      Finches of Espanola:



c.       Finches of Santa Cruz:



8.      What is the cause of the differences in beak size and shape?


9.      Variation of the beaks is often slight. What can scientists do to tell the differences in beak size?




10.  What are the three books Darwin took with him on his voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle?




11.  Evolution consists of two parts:

a.       Natural Selection



b.      Genetics





12.  What measurements are taken on the beaks of the finches?





13.  How did the drought of 1977 affect the co-inhabitance of the medium ground finches?



14.  What birds benefited from the drought?


15.  When does natural selection occur?


16.  The finches support the “Theory of Evolution” because all 13 species evolved from what?

17.  When the finches went to different islands, what trait evolved?


18.  What is a factor of natural selection within the human population?



19.  After the drought, what difference did the Grant’s find in the size of the offspring generation compared to the population before natural selection occurred?


20.  What did the Grant’s observe in Darwin’s finches after the 1983 el Nino?



21.  What do the observations made after the drought and el Nino provide scientists with an example of what?