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Video Guide: How the Earth was Made

Section 1:

1.       What did James Hutton discover as proof that the Earth was an old Earth?



2.      What is the scientific explanation for how the Earth was formed?



3.      What did Kelvin not take into account as far as the Earth cooling? 



4.      What are radioactive particles used for? 



5.      How is the decaying of radioactive uranium into lead used to date rock?



6.      How old is Earth estimated to be? 


Section 2:


7.      When did water first form on Earth? 



8.      How long did it rain to convert Earth into a water world?



9.       What element was in the ocean and what color was the water?



10.  What compound filled the sky and what color was the sky? 



Section 3:  3.4 billion years


11.   Where is the oldest continental rock on Earth? 



12.  How does granite compare to basaltic rock and what significance does this characteristic have?



13.  What types of organisms existed for the longest period of time? 



14.  What covers the surface of stromatolites? 



15.   What caused the oceans to turn from green to blue 2.2 billion years ago?



Section 4: 1.5 billion years ago


16.   What is the theory of plate tectonics? 



17.  What is evidence of the theory of plate tectonics? 



18.  What did the United States Navy discover? 



19.   As the ocean plates move what else moves? 


20.  What is the rate of continental drift? 



21.  How did the supercontinent Rodinia trigger snowball Earth? 


Section 5: 650 million years ago

22.  What type of life lived during this time?



23.  What caused the ice sheets to draw back? 



24.  Once Rodinia broke apart and oxygen levels increased in the atmosphere, what were primitive organisms free to do? 


25.  How many fossils were excavated by Walka? 



26.  What do the thousands of fossils in the Burgess Shale reveal? 



27.  Why is the Cambrian a special time in history? 



28.  What types of features evolved as a result of the biological arms race in the Cambrian? 



29.  Why was the formation of the ozone important? 



30.  Why is the Carboniferous period unique? 



31.   How is coal formed? 



32.  What was occurring in the shallow water surrounding the continents and why is this significant? 




33.  What is a mantle plum? 



34.   How much life was driven to extinction? 


Segment 6: 250 million years ago



35.   What did the animals that survived the extinction evolve to become? 



36.   When was the first dinosaur fossil discovered? 



37.  What does the word dinosaur mean? 



38.  What were two reasons dinosaurs were able to grow so big? 


Segment 7: 100 million years ago


39.  What wonderful riches did the overactive volcanoes bring to the surface? 



40.  Why was the volcano discovered in Kimberly South Africa not normal?




41.  What occurred 65 million years ago? 



42.  What is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?



43.  What evidence was discovered as proof of the Alvarez theory? 


Section 8: 50 million years ago

44.  How were the Swiss Alps made?


45.  What two forces working in unison have formed the Grand Canyon?



46.  What gives the Colorado River enough force to cause such erosion? 



47.  What was occurring 2 million years ago?


Segment 9: 2 million years ago

48.   What caused the next Ice Age?



49.  What evidence is there of glaciers in North America?


Segment 10:

50.  Why have humans dominated the planet better than any other organism?



51.  How is life and geology connected?



52.  What will occur within the next 15,000 years?



53.   What will occur when plate tectonics stop?