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Video guide: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

1.       Where did Darwin travel first and when? (Read the caption)


2.      What is Darwin’s idea?




3.       How did Darwin connect changes in animals with the changes in the Earth? (Hint: If the Earth’s geology (mountains and rivers) can change then….)





4.      Explain the concept of the “tree of life”. (Hint: What does the trunk represent and what do the branches represent? What happens to the branches?)




5.       What is interesting about the praying mantis in the jungle?



6.      What can hummingbirds do in the mountains that their relatives don’t do?



7.      What makes an animal a separate species from another one?




8.       What couldn’t Darwin explain in his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection?


9.       What do scientists use today to determine relationships and evolutionary history that Darwin didn’t have?



10.   What was Emma’s explanation for the complexity of organs such as the human eye?



11.   Darwin read in Thomas Malthus’ book that the human population can double every 25 years but doesn’t because of the struggle for survival keeps the numbers down. What did Darwin conclude from reading this?





12.  What does natural selection mean?



13.   Which virus have scientists observed undergoing evolution?




14.   How does HIV evolve through natural selection?


15.  How long does it take HIV to evolve?





16.  What happens when a patient with HIV goes off drugs for a while?





17.  Describe Darwin’s feelings about publishing his manuscript. (Hint: He felt like he was confessing …)




18.   Give two examples of how human eyes are imperfect.





19.  What can a primitive cup eye do? Where is it found today?




20.   Why did Charles blame himself for Annie’s death?



21.   Who also developed the theory of evolution by natural selection simultaneously with Darwin?




22.  Was Emma supportive of Charles to have his book published? Explain.  (Hint: Whether you are right or wrong…)




23.  What percent of human and chimpanzee DNA is identical?




24.  What do “the few” spelling differences in DNA between humans and chimps indicate?






25.  When did Darwin die? (month and year)