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                   Basic Chemistry for Biology Students



1. What determines the identity of an atom?




2. What are three of the six most important elements in biology? (use symbols if you can)




3. Name three ways that atoms become stable.




4. Name the two types of bonds that form between elements.




5. Which of the two types of bonds is stronger?




6. What are the two ions formed by water?




7. What pH is neutral on the pH scale?




8. Name two of the four major types of biological molecules.




9. What is the chemical formula for glucose?




10.  A condensation reaction (also called a dehydration reaction) gives off a molecule of what?




11. A hydrolysis reaction must add a molecule of what to breakdown complex carbohydrates?





12. What is the main chemical function of lipids in living systems?





13. How many amino acids are there?




14. Name the two different types of nucleic acids.




15. What does a DNA molecule look like?