cell organelles

treasure hunt

Cell Membrane:

1. What are the three general functions of the cell membrane?

The Golgi Body (Apparatus):

12.Golgi Body is responsible for packaging _________________________ for the cell.  Once the proteins are produced by the ______________ E.R., they pass into the _______________ like cisternae that are the main part of the Golgi body.  These proteins are then squeezed off into the little _________________ which drift off into the cytoplasm. 

The Nucleus:

2. What is the nucleus and what does it consist of?

 Lysosomes:   also this link  and this link

13. Lysosomes are called _________________ sacks. They are produced by the ____________body. They consist of a single membrane surrounding powerful _________ enzymes.

14.Those lumpy brown structures are digestive _____________.  They help protect you by __________________ the bacteria that your white blood cells engulf.  _______________ act as a clean up crew for the cell.

The Nuclear Envelope:

3. The nuclear envelope is a __________________.

4. It is also has large ______ through which ______ pass back and forth.



15.Mitochondrion is the _______________________ of the cell.  It is the site of _______________________.   
The Nucleolus:

5. Within the _______ are found ________ and a structure called the___________.

6. The nucleolus is a knot of_________. It is the nucleolus that manufactures__________. 


16. Centrioles are only found in __________________ cells.  They function in cell _____________________.

The Cytoplasm:

7. What does the term cytoplasm refer to?

8.What does the cytoplasm consist of?


17. Vacuoles are large empty appearing areas found in the _________. They are usually found in ________  _________where they store________. As a plant cell ages they get___________. In mature cells they occupy most of the cytoplasm.

The Endoplasmic Reticulum (Smooth and Rough)

9.The rough E.R. has _________ attached to it. This gives it its texture. It acts as a pathway throughout the cell.

10. The smooth E.R. lacks ________. It acts as a __________ throughout       the cytoplasm.  It runs from the cell membrane to the nuclear ________ and throughout the rest of the cell.


18. The Chloroplast is where ____________. It is here that plant cells trap the energy of ______ and use it to manufacture ________  _________ for the plant cell.


11. The rough E.R. has _________ attached to it. This gives it its texture. These ribosomes manufacture _________ for the cell.

Cell Wall:

19. Cell walls are the _______ structure found surrounding _______ cells. They provide ________ for the plant.

20. What are the three types of fibers that make up the cytoskeleton?

21. The two most important protein filaments are called the _______ ______ and the___________. The actin is responsible for ________(like in muscles) and the microtubules are for_________  ____________.