This week's Biology Warm-ups


     Only do the warm-ups when assigned as a homework assignment!!

Chapter 1: The Science of Biology

Living vs. Non-living

Scientific Method




Chapter 10: Cell Growth and Division


Chapter 2.1-2.2: The Chemistry of Life 


Chapter 11: Introduction. to Genetics


Chapter 2.3-2.4: Carbon Compounds

Chapter 13/14: Human Heredity

Chapter 7: Cell Structure and Function

Plasma membrane

Chapter 15/16: Evolution

Chapter 8.1-9: Energy and Cellular Respiration

Chapter 17: The History of Life

Chapter 40: The Immune System and Disease

Chapter 3.3: Cycles of Matter

Chapter 6.3: Biodiversity

Chapter 12: DNA and RNA


Chapter 4: Succession

Chapter 5: Populations

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