Biology Syllabus

Semester 2

 B1/3 or G1/4 (latestart) Review classroom policies,  Hand out gradesheet, bathroom passes, How to take Cornell notes, late homework policy and learning targets, ACT: Mitosis and Meiosis on the Table lab  

HW: Chapter 11 Reading Guide


B1/5 or G1/6

Chap.11 RG Quiz, NOTES: Meiosis, COMP LAB:  Meiosis

1st website   2nd website  3rd website  4th website

HW: complete web activity if needed

B1/9 or G1/10 Collect HW, Quiz, VIDEO: Mitosis and Meiosis (24 minutes), ACT: Breeding Reebops


HW: Meiosis wkst.

B1/11 or G1/12 Check HW, NOTES: Chromosomal Mutations, ACT: Chromosomal Mutations of Insects, paper models for lab HW: complete activity if needed
B1/13 or G1/17  

Check HW, Quiz, NOTES: Mendelian Genetics, Practice with Punnett Squares wkst, LAB: Monohybrid Crosses


HW: Practice with Punnett Squares I (Purple vs. White flowers)
B1/18 or G1/19  

Check HW, Monohybrid Cross Quiz, NOTES: Dihybrid Crosses, LAB: Dihybrid Crosses


HW: Cats wkst.
B1/20 or G1/23 Check HW, VIDEO: Understanding Genetics Part I,  ACT: Heredity Simulation

HW: Incredibles wkst.

B1/24 or G1/25 (latestart)  

Check HW,  Dihybrid Cross Quiz, ACT: Making your own genetic profile, Practice with Punnett Squares II (Red vs. White flowers), Vocabulary puzzles


HW: Study for Chapter 11 Test

B1/26 or G1/27  

Chapter 11 Test


HW: Chapter 14 Reading Guide
B1/30 or G1/31 Chap.14 RG Quiz, NOTES: Sex-linked traits, LAB: The Secrets of Bedrock HW: Sex-linked traits wkst.
B2/1 or G2/2  Check HW, Sex-linked traits Quiz, NOTES: Beyond Dominance, ACT: Gummy Bear Genetics, Results, ACT: Investigating Human Traits  

HW: complete Investigating Human Traits


B2/3 or G2/6  

Collect HW, NOTES: Multiple alleles/ Polygenic Inheritance, ACT: Polygenic Inheritance, LAB: Baby Blunder


HW: Multiple Alleles wkst.
B2/7 or G2/8 (latestart)          

Check HW, NOTES: Pedigrees, ACT: The Flipknob Family Pedigree pedigree worksheet


HW:  A Human Pedigree
B2/9 or G2/10  

Check HW, Bikini Bottom Genetics, Genetics Problems Quiz, Kahoot!


HW: Study for test
B2/13 or G2/14


Chapter 14 Test


HW: Chapter 18 Reading Guide
B2/15 or G2/16  

Chapter 18 RG Quiz, NOTES: Classification, LAB: Classification Pogil


HW: Making and Using a Dichotomous Key 
B2/17 or G2/21


Check HW, NOTES: Evolutionary Classification, COMP LAB: Building a Phylogenic Tree, directions


HW: Creating Cladograms           
B2/22 or G2/23 Check HW, COMP LAB:  finish Building a Phylogenic Tree, Survey of the Animal Kingdom  (website) HW: Study for test
B2/24 or G2/27 Chapter 18 Classification Test HW: Chapter 16 Reading Guide
B2/28 or G3/1 (latestart) Chapter 16 RG Quiz, VIDEO: Darwin's Dangerous Idea with videoguide  

HW: Organize your notebook


B3/2 or G3/3  

Collect notebooks!!, VIDEO: Finish Darwin's Dangerous Idea, NOTES: Darwin's Theory of Evolution


HW: Chapter 17 Reading Guide

B3/6 or G3/9 Chapter 17 RG Quiz, NOTES: Natural Selection, LAB: Natural Selection HW: none
 G3/7 or B3/8  

ISTEP + Exam: PART I: Nature of Science, COMP. LAB: Understanding Evolution: Homologies and Analogies, Website


HW: none
B3/10 or G3/13  

Collect HW, NOTES: Evidence of Evolution, ACT: Biochemical comparisons and Molecular Clocks


HW: Evidence of Evolution wkst.
B3/14 or G3/15 (latestart) Check HW, NOTES: Allelic Frequency, LAB: Allelic Frequencies HW: Allelic Frequency and Evolution
B3/16 or G3/17 Check, HW, NOTES: Evolution as Genetic Change, COMP. LAB: Three Modes of Natural SelectionWebsite #1, Website #2 HW: Types of Natural Selection wkst.
B3/20 or G3/21

Check HW, NOTES: Speciation, VIDEO: What Darwin Never Saw with videoguide


HW: Genetic Drift Activity, website #1, website #2, website #3


B3/22 or G3/23 COMP LAB: PBS Speciation Web Activity website



HW: Study for your test!!


B3/24 or G3/27


Chapter 16 and 17 Test


HW: Chapter 19 Reading Guide
B3/28 or G3/29 (latestart)

Chapter 19 RG Quiz, NOTES: Fossils and Ancient Life,  ACT: Who's on Next?, information card


HW: Relative and Absolute Dating


B3/30 or G4/10  

VIDEO: How the Earth Was Made with videoguide


B4/11 or G4/12 (latestart) Check HW (Relative and Absolute Dating), NOTES: History of the Earth,  COMP LAB: History of Life Webquest  

HW: Fossil Evidence article and questions


B4/13 or G4/14 NOTES: Geologic Time Scale, ACT: mm of Time (Geologic Time Machine make-up activity) HW: complete activity questions if needed
B4/17 or G4/18 Check HW (Fossil Evidence questions), NOTES: Patterns of Evolution, ACT: Examining the Fossil RecordChart Fossils  HW: Study for test
B4/19 or G4/20 Chapter 19 Test, Hand out FINAL EXAM REVIEW PACKET (due the day of the final exam)  

HW: Chapter 3  Reading Guide


B4/21 or G4/24 Chapter 3 RG Quiz, NOTES: Food Webs, ACT: The Great Lakes Food Web, pictures HW: complete activity if needed and How to Calculate your Carbon Footprint (due 5/5 or 5/8)
B4/25 or G4/26 (latestart)

Collect HW, Zebra Mussel Article and questions, NOTES: Introduction of Invasive Species, ACT: Playing the Web of Life

HW: Chapter 5 Reading Guide
B4/27 or G4/28

Chapter 5 RG Quiz, NOTES: Cycles in Nature, LAB: Traveling Lab for Biogeochemical Cycles


HW:  Complete Biogeochemical Cycles Activity if needed AND   How to Calculate your Carbon Footprint (due 5/5 or 5/8)


B5/1 or G5/2


ISTEP + Exam: Part II, COMP. LAB: PBS Invading Species Activity


HW:  How to Calculate your Carbon Footprint (due 5/5 or 5/8)
B5/3 or G5/4


ISTEP + Exam: Part II, COMP. LAB: PBS Invading Species Activity


HW: Complete PBS Invading Species Activity if needed AND   How to Calculate your Carbon Footprint
B5/5 or G5/8 Collect How to Calculate your Carbon Footprint wkst. Make Carbon Footprints, VIDEO: PBS The One Degree Factor with videoguide HW:  Final Exam review packet due the day of the final exam
B5/9 or G5/10 (latestart)


VIDEO: World Population (5 minutes), NOTES: Populations, ACT: The Lynx and the Hare OR Age Structure lab


HW: Complete activity graph and questions  AND Final Exam review packet due the day of the final exam
B5/11 or G5/12


Collect labs,  VIDEO: More is Better (18.29 minutes), NOTES: Biodiversity, ACT: Tolerance Ranges in an Estuary

HW: Organize your notebook!!and Study for Ecology TEST!!!!
B5/15 or G5/16

Collect notebooks, Ecology Test (Chapter 3, 4, 5 and 6), study for final exam

HW: Study for Final Exam!!!
B5/17 or G5/18  

COMP. LAB: Ecology Webquest: The Peril River Problem


 HW: Study for Final Exam!!!


Period B3 final exams



Periods  G3 & G4 final exams 





Period B4 & G1 final exams



Period B1 & B2 final exams




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