Biology Syllabus

Semester 1

B8/15  or G8/16 Introductions, Fill out information sheets, Review classroom policies, Check out textbooks, Show Mrs. Mayhew's website, Show Pearson Successnet (online textbook), Sign Laboratory Safety Contract


HW: Chapter 1.3 Reading Guide AND Colored pencils/Binder check, AND Signed Safety Contract!!


B8/17 or G8/18 Check colored pencils/binder, Collect signed safety contract, Chapter 1.3 RG Quiz, NOTES: Characteristics of Living Things, Explain how to take Cornell notes, LAB: Characteristics of Life (Living or Non-living) HW: Take Cornell notes over lecture notes
B8/21 or G8/22 NOTES: Survey of the Six Kingdoms, Computer lab: Survey of the Six Kingdoms


HW: Chapter 1.1-1.2 Reading Guide  


B8/23 or G8/24 Chapter 1.1-1.2 RG Quiz, NOTES: What is Science?, ACTIVITY: Checks lab


HW: complete checks lab if needed and  How to Write a Hypothesis wkst.,


B8/25 or G8/28 Check HW, NOTES: Scientific Method,  Handout: Analyzing Scientific Experiments, ACT: Experimental Variables  

HW: Parts of an Experiment 


B8/29 or G8/30 (latestart) Check HW, NOTES: Metric System,  LAB: Metric Measurement  

HW: Incredible Measurements


B8/31 or G9/1  

Check HW, NOTES: Graphing, Handout: Graphing practice, LAB: No Need to Count your Pennies.

LABOR DAY!!!! Sept 4

HW: Using Graphing Skills
B9/5 or G9/6  (latestart) Check HW, LAB: Identifying Variables HW: STUDY FOR CHAP. 1 TEST!
B9/7 or G9/8  

Check HW, Chapter 1 Test


HW: Chapter 2.3-2.4 RG
B9/11 or G9/12  

Chap. 2.3-2.4 RG Quiz, NOTES: Basic Chemistry (Bonds), LAB: Ionic/Covalent Compounds


HW: Bonds wkst.
B9/13 or G9/14


Check HW, NOTES: Carbohydrates,  Handout: Organic Compounds, ACTIVITY: Chemistry of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids, Cutouts for activity


HW: Chemistry of Carbohydrates... Parts A and B only

9/15 Homecoming!!!!!   ACT: Protein Folding HW: none

B9/18 or G9/19



NOTES: Lipids and Nucleic acids, VIDEO:  Chemistry for Biology Students , continue ACTIVITY: Chemistry of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids  


HW: Chemistry of Carbohydrates (entire activity)
B9/20 or G9/21  

NOTES: Proteins and Enzymes, LAB: Enzymes 


HW:  Complete lab questions
B9/22 or G9/25 Enzyme lab Quiz, NOTES: Identifying organic compounds, ACTIVITY: Organic Chemistry Cards review, Review in class.  

HW: Identifying Chemical Compounds wksts.AND Cliff's Notes over Organic Chemistry


B9/26 or G9/27  (latestart)

Check HW, LAB: Tests for Organic Compounds, Review KAHOOT!


HW: Study for Organic Chemistry test


B9/28 or G9/29 Chapter 2.3-2.4 Organic Chemistry Test HW: Chap. 7.1-7.2 RG
B10/2 or G10/3  

Chapter 7.1-7.2 RG Quiz,  NOTES: The Cell, VIDEO: The Magic of Cells  with videoguide



HW:  Structure and Function of Organelles wkst.


B10/4 or G10/5  Check HW in class, Handout: diagrams of plant and animal cells, Notes: Microscopes, LAB: Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Cells, Handout: Laboratory drawings HW: Comparing Cells wkst.
B10/6 or G10/9  

Check HW, IN CLASS PROJECT: Cellopolis



HW:  Organize Notebook


B10/10 or G10/12  

Collect NOTEBOOKS!!!, LAB: The Structure and Function of Cells


End of the 1st Nine Weeks!

HW: Chapter 8 Reading Guide
B10/7 or G10/18  (latestart)

FALL BREAK!!!!! Oct. 13-16

Chapter 8 RG Quiz, NOTES: Energy and Life, COMP LAB: ATP


HW: complete computer activity if needed

B10/19 or G10/20  

Collect activity, NOTES: Photosynthesis, LAB: Photosynthesis



HW: Chapter 9 Reading Guide


B10/23 or G10/24


Chapter 9 RG Quiz, NOTES: Cellular Respiration, VIDEO: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration, Set up plant hormone lab


HW: Energy and Life wksts.AND Study for Chapter 7, 8 & 9 TEST
B10/25 or G10/26  

Check HW in class, Chapter 7.1-7.2 (plus ATP, photosynthesis and cellular respiration ) Test


HW: Chapter 7.3-7.4 Reading Guide
B10/27 or G10/30 Chapter 7.3-7.4  RG Quiz, NOTES: Plasma membrane, ACTIVITY: Make a model of a membrane HW:  The Cell  Membrane wkst.
B10/31 or G11/1 (latestart) Check HW,  LAB: Diffusion Across the Cell Membrane (set up only), NOTES: Passive Transport,  LAB: complete diffusion lab HW: Tonicity wkst.
B11/2 or G11/3 Check HW,  NOTES: Active transport, LAB: Osmosis and Diffusion lab, VIDEO: Cell Movement and Transport (14 min.)  

HW: complete Osmosis and Diffusion lab if needed


B11/6 or G11/7 Collect lab, NOTES: Cell Communication, VIDEO: The Endocrine System, Regulating the Body's Chemistry, LAB: How do Hormones Affect Plant Growth? HW:  STUDY FOR CHAP. 7.3-7.4 TEST!!
B11/8 or G11/9 Chapter 7.3-7.4 Test  

HW: Chapter 12 Reading Guide


B11/10 or G11/13  

Chapter 12 RG Quiz, NOTES: DNA Structure and Replication, LAB: Extracting DNA


HW: Structure of DNA wkst.
B11/14 or G11/15 (latestart) Check HW,  folded paper activity over replication, LAB: DNA Replication (CUT-OUTS)


HW: Chapter 13 Reading Guide

B11/16 or G11/17  

Chapter 13 RG Quiz, NOTES: RNA and transcription, folded paper activity over transcription, LAB: RNA Transcription (CUT OUTS)


HW: Structure of DNA and RNA
B11/20 or G11/21


Check HW, NOTES: Translation, ACTIVITY: Simulating Protein Synthesis



HW: Protein synthesis overview


B11/27 or G11/28

Check HW,  NOTES: Gene Mutations, ACTIVITY: Gene Mutations activity


HW:  Gene mutations wkst.


B11/29 or G11/30 Check HW, NOTES: Gene Regulation, ACTIVITY: Control of Gene Expression Lab (CUT OUTS) HW: complete activity if needed
B12/1 or G12/4   

VIDEO: Protein Synthesis, ACT: Using the DNA code, ACT: DNA vocabulary puzzles, Review KAHOOT!


B12/5 or G12/6 (latestart) Chapter 12-13 Test  

HW: Chapter 10 Reading Guide and work on Final Exam review packet (due the day of the final)


B12/7 or G12/8  

Chapter 10 RG Quiz, NOTES: Mitosis, COMP. LAB: Online Onion Root Tip Lab



HW: Organize notebooks!!


B12/11 or G12/12 Collect notebooks!!!, NOTES: Embryology and Stem Cells, COMP. LAB: The Stem Cell Guy  

HW: Mitosis wkst. and work on Final Exam review packet (due the day of the final)


B12/13 or G12/14 Check HW, ACTIVITY: Mitosis models activity, mitosis cell models  

HW:  work on Final Exam review packet (due the day of the final)


B12/15 or G12/18 ACTIVITY: Differentiation in Progress  

HW: work on Final Exam review packet (due the day of the final)



Review in class B1, B2 and B3

Period B4 final exams


HW: work on Final Exam review packet and STUDY FOR THE FINAL

Periods G3 and G4 final exams




Periods B3 and G1 final exams





Periods B1 and B2 final exams

End of the Second Nine Weeks!



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