What is Biology

good for?


Good For 1 Understanding our Molecular Selves: The Human Genome Project
Good For 2 Keeping Us Healthy During Flu Season: Flu Vaccines
Good For 3 A "Yes or No" in Just 3 Minutes: Home Pregnancy Tests
Good For 4 Helping A New Life Begin: In Vitro Fertilization
Good For 5 Controlling Diabetes: Recombinant Human Insulin
Good For 6 Killing Cancer Cells: Chemotherapy Drugs
Good For 7 Boosting Red Blood Cell Production: Epogen
Good For 8 Saving Endangered Species: Cloning
Good For 9 Treating Breast Cancer: Herceptin
Good For 10 Bio-plastics: Growing plastic from plants
Good For 11 Detecting Problems Before Birth: Prenatal Diagnosis
Good For 12 Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Biotechnology: ENTREL
Good For 13 Killing Weeds: RoundUp
Good For 14 Keeping Crops Insect-Free: Dipel
Good For 15 Stone-washing Jeans: Cellulases

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