Biology's Lecture Notes


                                                                                                     FALL Semester                                                                SPRING Semester

Chapter 1: The Science of Biology

What is Science?

Characteristics of Life

Scientific Method


Metric System                

Chapter 11: Mendelian Genetics

Dihybrid Crosses


Chromosomal Mutations


Chapter 2.1-2.2:

Basic Chemistry-Bonds

Properties of Water


Chapter 11/14: Sex-linked Traits

Incomplete Dominance and Codominance

Multiple Alleles and Polygenic Inheritance


Chapter 2.3-2.4: Carbon Compounds


Lipids and Nucleic Acids

Proteins and Enzymes

Identifying Compounds


Chapter 18: Classification

Evolutionary Classification

Chapter 7: Cell Structure and Function

The Cell

Using a Microscope

Cell Organelles

 The Plasma Membrane

Active and Passive Transport

Cell Communication

Chapter 16: Darwin

Natural Selection 

Evidence of Evolution 

Chapter 17: Allelic Frequencies 

Evolution as Genetic Change


Chapters 8-9: Energy and Cellular Respiration

ATP and energy 


Cellular Respiration


Chapter 19: Fossils and Ancient Life

The History of the Earth

Geologic Time Scale

Patterns of Evolution

Chapter 35: Pathogens

Chapter 35: The Immune System and Disease


Chapter 3.1 Ecology -Food Webs

Chapter 3: Introduction of an Invasive Species

Chapter 3.3: Cycles of Matter


Chapter 12: DNA structure


RNA Structure and transcription

Chapter 13:Translation

Gene Mutations

Gene Regulation and Expression


Chapter 4: Succession

Chapter 5: Populations





Chapter 10: Mitosis

Regulating the Cell Cycle


Chapter 6.3: Biodiversity


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