Chapter 10 Review


1. Why do cells not grow very large?


2. How does the volume increase compared with the surface area?


3. What are the three parts of the cell cycle?


4. Which of these three parts is the longest?


5. What are the three parts of interphase and what happens during each?


6. What is the most important thing to happen during interphase and why?


7. What is the difference between chromatin, chromosomes and chromatids?


8. What holds the two sister chromatids together?


9. What is mitosis?


10. Name the four phases of mitosis in order.


11. Name the four things that happen during prophase?


12. What does the spindle look like?


13. Where are the poles of a cell?


14. What happens during metaphase?


15. Where is the equator of a cell?


16. What happens during anaphase?


17. Telophase is mainly the opposite of what phase?


18. Name the four things that happen during telophase?


19. What is cytokinesis?


20. How is plant cell cytokinesis different than animal cell cytokinesis? (two ways)


21. What is the area where the cell membrane pinches in called?


22. What is the end result of mitosis?


23. What are the three ways that the cell cycle is regulated?


24.  What is contact inhibition?


25. Give an example of an external regulator.


26.  What is apoptosis?


27. What is cancer?


28. What does the p53 gene do?


29. Name the three environmental factors that cause mutations.


30. What is metastasis?


31. How is a gene mutation different from a chromosomal mutation?


32. What is a deletion mutation? What does the chromosome look like if a deletion mutation has occurred?


33. What is an if a duplication mutation? What does the chromosome look like if a duplication mutation has occurred? 


34. What is an inversion mutation?


35. What is a translocation mutation?


36. What causes a non-disjunction mutation?


37. What is trisomy?  Monosomy?




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